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November 07, 2012


Now, if he would only go away--and stay away--we could all rest easier.

..and take Donald Trump with him.

. . . and lyin' Ryan!

You ought to get a Pulitzer for this, twolf.

Might I add, to paraphrase dear Tommy Friedman: Fuck. You. Mitt.

Twolf rocks!
Time for the Romney boys to start shopping reality tv shows?

Mittens has kittens! Congrats and adios!

I want to thank Bishop Romney for participating in our political system. It is designed to expose people like him by listening to them lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. He exposed himself completely as the liar and weak sauce that he is. I'd say FUCK YOU MITTENS, but he's already gone. So g'bye.

I absolutely loved that old Santorum Senate race concession speech picture, and this was a brilliant photoshop re-purposing of that classic. Thanks! That made my day.

Willard can now take a hard-earned vacation and visit his money in foreign lands.

GREAT photo. Lyin' Ryan's expression is classic.

THIS is the Sistine Chapel of Photoshops.

An instant classic.


A thing of beauty!

well, just discovered it IS possible to do a spit take with a mouth full of quinoa salad.

(damn you twolf, owe me a new monitor.)

Why did it take so long for Mitt to concede?
You ever try changing your Mormon underware?

best ever twolf!

butbutbut ryan is staying.

Damn, that's funny.

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