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November 03, 2012


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welcome back!!!

Welcome home!

We drank the good booze, to protect it from being looted.



Soooo happy ur ok! Welcome back!

So glad to know you are okay!

Welcome back, dahlink!!!

taint katrina bad.

All praise be to the Uekaca and the Lord of Storms, she is risen!

pansypoo, sorry but this storm was far larger than Katrina at 1000 miles wide and effected areas from the Carolinas to Maine!


Welcome back and glad you came through relatively unscathed (to all for whom it applies).

more to the point:


Welcome Back!!!!

Hope everything at home is good/safe. We missed you!

the hostess with the mostest! glad you're back.

Hope everything at home is good/safe. We missed you.

The hostess with the mostest! glad you're back.

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