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November 20, 2012


So obviously photoshopped. When was the last time Mitt pumped his own gas?

Isn't there hired help to do those chores?

Does the attendant have change for a $10,000 bill?

Do you have to pump your own gas in the Caymans?

The clothes are wrinkled because Ann's using the ironing board for a table.

un peu mal coiffee!

maybe the 47% decided to quit.

Un dia sin Mexicanos!

How do you Photoshop someone's reflection onto the surface of their car?

I think Pansypoo hit the nail on the head... Mittens' pump jockey (along with the garage elevator operator, the car wash attendants, and the garage doorman) quit when ol' Rmoney threatened to outsource their jobs to China. But SURPRISE! he can't outsource the jobs without outsourcing the cars! How funny! Except. of couse, for poor Mittypoo.

Needs a smoldering cigarette in his mouf

Oh, for God sakes.
Let the man alone while he's not harming the public.
Maybe pumping some gas will give him some empathy for how the other half lives.
Or not.

I would say the caption should read "Hey, Buddy, can you spare a dime?" But we already know that he can, but won't.

"But I ran for President, for Pete's sake!"

He looks like a pan handler at the bus terminal scoping you out for a scam.

Did Romney go on a hot chocolate bender or did Queen Ann kick him to the curb for denying her the White House throne?

He's been drinking again. I'll bet he smells like dairy.

You should see the pics of him with the boyz at Disneyland. What a freak. buzzfeed

In a just world, pumping gas would be Romney's new job.

he broke out the buttermilk.

This is Willard's version of letting himself go, an unironed business shirt with no tie.
I'll bet he even drank a few caffeinated beverages that morning.

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