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November 16, 2012


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My cat, deaf and blue-eyed, hated the phone. We'd be playing, tussling on the floor and all of a sudden I'd leap up, run over to this THING on the desk and start kissing it, talking to it and laughing, ignoring him all the time. Whenever I went out, he got up and knocked the phone off onto the floor, and batted it around until it broke. Clearly, he viewed it as a rival for my affection, which was totally random in his view, since he never even heard it summon me.

2 of my cats meow when OLD phones ring. that cat makes a great texting blocker.

I complained the other day to a friend about how my cat forcefully insinuates his entire body between me and my laptop, and she (a mother of two) replied, "Just imagine it's a child."

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