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November 03, 2012


God will make sure Romney wins

Well, if you're looking for someone to rig the voting machines, you might as well get the guy who's gonna be really good at it.

Rabbit pellets of wisdom from the same fucktards that lost the first Civil War. Sweet Secessionist Jeebus, can we let them have the south already. You know, get their country back.

.....and my kids wonder why I have no guns, keeps my karma clean and grand dad outta prison.

Why give `em the whole South?

I say cram `em all into Texas and cut `em loose.

wow, meatloaf *can* jump a shark...

We can't go outside without somebody watching us. There are little drones flying around.

That one is true. Especially in Seattle.

Obama is *also* a Muslim Atheist Communist because his dad was, and he also attended that Christian church for 20 years.

Q E D, beeyotches!

We're the laughing stock of the world right now.
The world is not laughing, it's appalled.

Excuse me but "The World" is watching Gangnam Style.

Note to self: Do not watch this shit on Monday morning when you can't get out of bed anyway so you get on the Intertoobs to procrastinate. Also too, glad WT is ok and dog save us all from the muslim atheist who went to rev wrights church the fascist socialist communist.

In other words: HE'S BLAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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