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November 14, 2012


Looks more like an AbFab outtake.

I love you, Teddy.

Is there another style of mormon underwear for movie "stars"?

And why would a good mormon housewife want to portray a polytheistic, brother-marrying, wine-drinking adulteress? [Note, the real Cleopatra was a remarkable woman, who acted to save her country from being invaded and conquered by Romans who wanted to plunder the granaries.]

Let's see, the mormons will all become gods, sister-wives are fine, Julius the powerful leader deserved more than one wife, and that's water in her goblet.

Still no explanation for the lack of underwear.

There is an as-yet unidentified pathology involved in this....

I didn't know Cleopatra was a honky with Michele Bachmann eyes.

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