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December 13, 2012


If an Alaska fisherman is obtaining his catch from water where Big Oil is drilling, your lifetime of eating might be pretty short.

"Track is an Army reservist and served time in Iraq.

They don't mention that he joined the army as part of a plea agreement to avoid jail for disabling the brakes on a school bus. What a fine family.

Oops, I don't wanna be a Brietbart so here's a link.


what wonderful FAMILY values.

Well i guess we can finally write the fascination with this classless Republican "values" person and all her "wonderful" progeny, eh? i mean why keep dwelling on this trailer-trash loser when there are so many more (and probably more interesting) people we could poke unendingly with irony, shadenfreude and humor? Please? If i never hear her name again it will be too soon.

What's kinda funny is that Track was viewed as maybe the only rational adult in the bunch, in that he purportedly tried to avoid publicity, stayed out of the limelight, etc.

But, fates ensures that one cannot pick one's parents, and the Palins will probably always be a dystopian soap opera.

(apologies to actual trailer living people for slurring your choice of residence, which was not meant) - what i meant to say is that we may finally be able to write her OFF! GEEZ!

In our dreams, Tom.

One serves in the military or serves time in prison. But in Track's case: both!

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