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December 19, 2012


Good. Let the Yale twits get separated from their trust fund money by this bullshit.

Will. That is a keeper. Brook's is such an insufferable toady ;-)

instructor-written required textbook:

"The Art of Failing Upward"

(co-written with Thomas Friedman)

This is just the latest sign that the world is ending.

We're so off the track that i wouldn't be surprised if the collapse of global civilization happened this afternoon.

Apparently, an editorial perch at the New York Times and guest appearances on NPR and PBS don't make enough people want to slit their throats out of crashing, excruciating boredom, so Bobo is going further afield in search of new victims.

What's next? Lectures on catfish farming at the Grand Ole Opry? A 12-part series on The Larnin' Chunnel about great conservative hog growers? A nationwide Chautauqua tour extolling the eminently Midwestern, prudential nature of lint?

Have no fear, wherever there is absolutely no need of him, Lord Brooks of Bullshit Manor will be there.

Pure LOL gold.
"Lectures on catfish farming at the Grand Ole Opry?" Indeed
Seriously, If Brooks proposed doing such a thing, would anyone really notice or care for that matter.
I can imagine him being interviewed by Jeffrey Brown on the News Hour, about his new book, based on this lecture series. Five minutes of tedium, portrayed as scholarly,American, zeitgeist profundity.

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