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December 21, 2012


A hearty Maya apocalypse congratulations to Ron Paul, "Man of the B'ak'tun!"

Bradlee Dean sounds like someone for whom a little knowledge is damned near as dangerous as an assault rifle.

Hope he doesn't drive with that education....

This is a breakthrough extension of Goodwin's Law saying that any political discussion will eventually result in a comparison to Hitler. But comparing an action to the burning Reichstag is new and potentially exciting.

But I still think that he is wrong. The 9-11 bombings were far more similar to the Reichstag burning than any school shooting. And like that sad event, it let President Cheney and He-Whose-Name-Shall-Never-Be-Spoken-Aloud take over, just like some former German leader whose name just I can't seem to recall.

Sorry, kid - it's NewTOWN, not NewTON. NewTON is in Massachusetts.

Bradlee is seriously F****d up...... but very wise. Much easier taking money from the Lunatics than the sane. I do have to give him props for that lil documentary. It was almost as entertaining as Chariots of the Gods.

when crazee partisan goes beyond comprehension. sedition has fallen to such a stupid fucktardistan level.

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