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December 03, 2012


"Your Heart: Use It or Lose It"

"Your Heart: Use It or Lose It"

First, You Eat Their Soul.

"The Blackness Within" (How I made the 99% pay for my new heart.)

Go with the classic "The Heart of Darkness".

Or "The Walking Sack of Poo Gets a Heart".

How about "Hell Must Wait: a Heart Transplant Enables War Criminal To Continue to Elude Justice".

"Don't Steal or Buy This Book"

"Tickery Dickery, Doc"


"Irregular Rhythm: How I beat the Drums of War"
ghost-written by Angie O'Plasteigh

"Ventricle-down economics"

A Sociopath in the Seats of Power


Mopey Dick

Pollyanna: The Undead Version


"Working From Teh Dark Side"

"I Am Your Father"

"Deferment Road"

"One Heartbeat Away"

"Fuck Dick Cheney In The Heart"


"Go Fuck Yourself"

If I'd only used that exercycle I bought in the 80s.

My Heart Belongs to JSOC: An Illegal Organ Trade Thriller

I Never Thought I'd Need One

The Gift From Guantanamo

No 'Tin Man' Jokes, Y'Hear?

I Left My Heart (In and Undisclosed Location)

Modern Medical Miracle: Human Heart Fitted into an Asshole.

Owner of a "Donor" Heart

"Waterboarding for fun and profit!"
"How to build a throne of skulls"

"The Tell-tale LVAD"

"How to Shoot Friends and Influence People"

"With Six You Get Eggroll: the Story of How, After Multiple Cardiac Surgeries and a Transplant, I'm Still An Arrogant Dick."

One Good Reason Not to be an Organ Donor

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