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December 27, 2012


Gosh, an instant holiday classic that was new to me - what a hoot! That puts me in the mood for a cocktail!!

Every time I see this, it reminds me of the "Kramp Kitchen" segment in "The Groove Tube."

It's damned near as funny, and all the more so because it's entirely unintentional.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the First Lady of New York State.

She should be starring over at cakewrecks.com. she's a natural, (needs bigger candles!)

Even Applebee's wouldn't serve that piece of crap.

With all the additives in those ingredients you could make that cake this year for next year's Kwanza. It will never go bad.

"Take your knife and just give it a whirl...".

And, what Mararama said!!

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