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December 10, 2012


Bain must be investing in the fight game these days.

I wonder if that's Willard's Election Night face.

"I say, Ann, I hear that the commoners enjoy a rousing bout of fisticuffs."

Queen Ann has that bloodlust look in her eyes.

Rmoney also said to Marquez, "I'd have won if I was a Latino." Which might have been why Marquez face-planted Pacquiao right in front of him.

Mitt is that special variety of asshole, he leaves a wake of destruction behind while ambling through life completely unaware and unscathed by any of it. Except when other people have a say in the matter, like in an election for Preznit.

Instead of writing a regular comment, I made a cartoon by way of response.


the sport of bully's.

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