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December 26, 2012


The Iron Lady is also abed in the hospital. Maybe Poppy can ride her back to hell. Can't you just picture the happy reunion with St. Ronnie when they get there.

Also, too, one good person in the hospital this holidays - our revered Madiba is sick.

hospitals can kill you.

Ok, so wingnut Republicans are excited that Gregory is being investigated for holding a magazine clip (which reportedly was empty) on a tv show. A clip not connected to an actual gun. They feel he should be investigated and possibly arrested for holding the magazine clip.

And they simultaneously believe there should be no restrictions on owning the automatic or semi-automatic rifles and the ammunition to power such guns. In fact, they recommend having them in schools, churches, day care centers, libraries, or anywhere.

Insanity. The willingness to completely ignore all common sense, logic and decency reaches such a high point, and then they top it with something even more outrageous.

If he's in there for a vasectomy, it's way too late, Poppy.

Way, way too late.

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