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December 07, 2012


I was hoping for Nikki Haley to have a larger, national stage. We've had our share of Senators, Presidents and other federal officials disgraced due to sex scandals. And thus far, all of them have been men. In the interest of gender equality, it's time for a woman to have a major sex scandal at the federal level and Nikki Haley is just the one to do it.

Looks as if the Couch Potatoes don't really care if they give capitalism a worse reputation than it already has. But, then, they'd cheerlead for chlamydia if Ailes told them to.

Our entire civilization is bat-shit crazy. We sit idly by, doing our daily part to kill the planet on behalf of the 1% whose corporations continue to pollute land, water and air until the place will become uninhabitable IN OUR LIFETIME.

Have a nice day

Please forgive my ignorance but what does Chiron under the couch mean. I know of the Mythical Centaur and a minor planet named after him but I can't make a connection. I need some help here ....

MD -

The Chyron is the machine used by TeeVee shows to put things like the scrolling banners and other on-air graphics on shows. Oops, I see now that autocorrect struck again!



How many people entered the workforce vs. the 146,000 that found jobs? How many were govt. jobs adding to the 16 tril?

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