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December 18, 2012


petunia has spawn?eek.

My "government schools" never taught me "how to be a homo". Not that I would have been interested in the "how to have sex with another man" part, but I coulda used some fashion and grooming tips.

Nice of all these lawgivers like Texas Gov Buttstupid Yahoo to want to arm teachers but the teachers better have their own gun and bullets because they won't see any extra in their paychecks.

I can understand Dukakis declining--he just turned 79--but, if anything, he would have been an improvement over Kerry in the Senate. Ignore the tank photo (few people remember that that jaunt was like old times for him, since he was a tank commander in the Korean War). He is a decent guy with some genuine interest in people's welfare. He was bad-rapped by GHWB's ratfuckers, and would have been a much better President than the devious, lying, self-dealing George the Elder.

Maybe Howard Dean could move to Mass

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