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December 03, 2012


Reference....the sofa sitters....how can sane people watch that crap!

May I take a quick moment to say how much I enjoy Tengrain's "Me Neither!" news format? It makes me LOL every single day. No one else presents the news in such a fun format; it's truly worthy of the greats like Colbert. Thank you!

I think we can best honor Benny the Rat by calling him what the devout Mexicans call him: The Potato.

The Potato? Do tell!

Are all of Benny's tweets official Doctrine, or only the ones in Latin?

So if I understand the Couch Potatoes correctly, they're in favor of legalizing marijuana, cocaine and heroin? Really? Wow!

D'Sousa was just practicing traditional marriage, which, as anyone who has actually read the bible (instead of merely just thumping it) can tell you involves one man and as many women as he can afford.

Now how D'Sousa has so much money when so many go without ... that's the real injustice.

but is he happy?

Pontifex -- sounds like a brand of rodenticide.

I definately really didn't need to hear that.

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