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January 05, 2013


Holy fiddling Christ!. I watched that in slack jawed amazement, then I saw on wikipedia that these useless specimens are "by far the highest-rated cable show in its time slot as of June 2012".

The Earth is doomed!

"Our skyscraper's broken."

That's not all that's fucked up, boys and girls.

I'm very concerned; did they drain all the water out of their WORLD HEADQUARTERS??!!

Not to mention getting water all over the sidewalk. In January, when it's cold enough for the water to freeze. So the old folks can fall and break their hips. And spend months in the hospital. Listening to Faux crow about how great an idea that was.

Yeah, guys, great idea. GREAT idea.


SNL can only scratch the stupid.

Why are these guys allowed to cut their own meat?

Don't assume, Kyle.

I thought "pocket hose" would have been something they played with when they thought no one was looking.

I guess they always buy the Other Dumb One something advertised with an informercial, and everything with a sharp edge is right out, so the universe of potential selections is very small. But still, Pocket Hose?

This is what happens when you demonize the gays who do your makeup.

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