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January 04, 2013


Well, frankly, somebody needs to taunt the shit out of the Xtian Xrazies. Ever since Ronnie Raygun let them off their leashes, they've been a royal pain in the ass.

If Ann Coulter is a woman and she hasn't had an abortion yet in all these due to an expected, accidental pregnancy, then I'll either say she isn't a woman or she doesn't have a uterus.

Oh, or the GOP men she screws can't impregnate. Just realized that could be the issue as well.

Ann Coulter will be Queen of Gilead, should it ever come to pass.

Makin' a list, checkin' it twice;
Doin' a line,
I'm tuckin' it nice --
Sainta Ann is comin' to town!

Well, since Ann is never going to have a kid unless she hatches one...

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