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January 08, 2013


who is this mr clippy of whom you speak?

Just a question for the five.... What happens when the interns are replaced by more interns ? If you don't understand the question you do not know what is happening. ...hint : it is what happens in sweat shops.....

Wow. Pete LaBarbera needs to get gay-laid already.

But his point #2 about following God and not man is funny on so many levels ... two come to mind immediately:

(1) LaBarbera claims to be a Christian: according to Chalcedonian Christianity at least, Jesus was fully human, so LaBarbera's statement about not following man would have been considered heretical and gotten him burned at the stake for much of Western history

(2) Who again is prohibiting homosexuality? Apart from a particular verse in Leviticus that may have nothing to do with homosexuality as we understand it today, God seems very silent about the subject in Biblical (both Jewish and Christian) teachings per se. It seems to me that being obsessed with homosexuality (as opposed to the concerns actually expressed by God or by Jesus in the Christian New Testament) is following man, not God.

The 5 and Fox News in general believe in the Plantation Owners/slaves construction of "free market" capitalism.

Pete LaBarbarian needs to just go suck a dick, already.

And yeah; an assault weapons ban is treason (but state-sanctioned torture is patriotism) - excellent reasoning.

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