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January 18, 2013


Neil Cavuto - another individual on my list of People I want to Smack in the Face on Sight (and you know who you are, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Doocy and not Doocy.) And fair warning that Michelle Malkin was about to make another sneering appearance would have been appreciated by this gentle reader. No stigma, no shame, no way!!!

never shall i go to a whole fuds.

John Mackey is fast becoming the Joseph Coors of our age. I wouldn't be surprised if he were secretly funding South American death squads with the profits from Whole Foods. (Now, there's a script for ya.)

Hey Skeletor, I suppose it's too much to ask for our boatload of money back on those rape&scan machines.

No one is asking to raise taxes on the rich to pay for food stamps...
we need to raise taxes on rich people in order to pay for the tax breaks we give to corporations and oil companies.

John Mackey is fast becoming the Joseph Coors of our age...

Ding! We have a winner!



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