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January 16, 2013


The Kenyan Usurper will have some of the surviving families from the Newtown massacre standing with him as he makes some gun safety proposals today

But that's using a tragedy for political gain! Note: proposing legislation and making executive orders to deal with a problem using popular anger and concern about a recent tragedy that actually was a result of the problem that said legislation and executive orders actually attempt to address is "using a tragedy for political gain". Using fear and anger about a recent tragedy to push our country into a war having nothing to do with that tragedy (and to demonize all opponants of said war) is NOT using a tragedy for political gain ( / snark )

Also, anyone who complains about political ambition resulting in doing things that need to be done anyway and dismisses it all as "seeking political gain" probably is unfamiliar with a little document called The Federalist Papers. Interestingly, such people are strangely likely, in spite of their lack of familiarity with said little document, to go on and on about "original intent"

why are gun nuts SO LOUD.

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