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January 02, 2013


So Boehner told Reid to go f*** himself. That's news?

Hell, many of us have been saying that to Congress every day for the last couple of years!

As far as dancing in the streets over this is concerned, as Corrente points out:


All the way down at the bottom of the story as per usual:

(this is the last example in the "Losers" section of the article)

Workers who will pay more into the payroll tax: The deal does not extend the payroll tax holiday, which means the federal government will take 6.2 percent from paychecks, as opposed to the 4.2 percent rate in 2012.

oh and then there's this:


Whenever "go f$%# yourself" is in the news, I remember a little blow-up that occured amongst my circle of friends in college: one of my friends was a very stuffy, prim and proper history major and he managed to get into a tiff with my "smelly roomate"*. So stuffy history major tells my kinda-sorta-but-not-really girlfriend (she had a thing for smelly roomate who already had a girlfriend so he attempted to fix us up, but it didn't really work) that he's going to tell smelly roomate off by telling him "go screw yourself". Kinda-sorta-girlfriend points out to stuffy history major that this would not have the shock-value that stuffy history major was hoping for, but rather smelly roomate would simply say "that's a good idea, thanks" and go to the room or somewhere private and masturbate.

I guess it anyone were to tell LBJ "go f$%# yourself", he would have started masturbating right then and there!

*so called because he never washed his bathrobe, which he figured to be clean as he wore it when he was freshly showered -- he also seemed to attract, sexually speaking, every single young lady he didn't repel, so we also called him "pheromone boy" ... he also happens to be a brilliant mechanical engineer -- so it was good to live with him as he could fix anything! the housing staff even allowed him to prop doors (a big no-no otherwise) as he figured out a way to do it without any chance of damaging the door.

god i love it when the fux narrative is debunked by their own. ON THE STUPIDEST SHOW.

Okay, last one, i promise (but you really owe it to yourself to get familiar with the legislation you're being screwed under):


1.Setting Up the Next Extortion
2.Hiking Taxes for Working Americans; A Million Jobs Lost
3.Compromising the Compromising President
4.Feeding the Deficit Distraction
(second to bottom-line conclusion)
Americans are struggling with mass unemployment, declining wages, increasing insecurity, Gilded Age inequality. Trimming the deficit addresses none of these, and is likely to slow growth, making things worse.

They are truly laughable people, those Fux Friends.

It's almost as if they are given talking points from which they may not deviate that day, so when guests assail their logic, they are simply lost. Oh, wait -- that's EXACTLY what happens every single day.

Reid, a bit startled, replied: “What are you talking about?”

Wow, that'll tell him, Harry.

Don't mess with Harry Reid! He used to be a boxer, you know.

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