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January 15, 2013


Hey Rinse Penis, Peggy Noonan said you guys should start acting like Dems, that does'nt include trying to game the electoral college you little shit weasel.

Wait, wasn't Colin Powell the FIRST black Sec of State?
Most credible journalists, or even intelligent people know that.
Or since he no longer agrees with Faux News on things all his
accomplishments no longer exist? Typical

Reese's Pieces, what a hoot...... Now he is advocating we turn the country into Saddam's Iraq. That worked well didn't it ? A minority overlording the majority. Heck , we do have the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam lacked. They show up at a theater, mall or school every other month. Nothing is done about it...... Certainly, why don't we hand over the reigns to a minority usurper by chicanery. We already handed them the House. ...besides I'm sure they would never, ever abuse that awesome power they wrested from the majority.... or ever, ever use the real WMDs.

fux gnews quickly reverted to the party killing propaganda extravaganza.

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