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January 17, 2013


dammit. i now declare my blog a LANCE FREE ZONE.

Rick Perry, like Sarah Palin, has nothing to say about anything - he's a complete tool (and a stooge too). Who the hell wrote that "redoubt" shit for him (bet he had trouble pronouncing it the first few times) that 90% of his constituency wouldn't understand? What a maroon, what a poltroon, what a loon!

Ive long contended that the rw noise machine doesnt really give two shits about facts or honesty or tone. What they care about, nay, what they crave, is to stick a thumb in the eye of the liebrul community. Thats it. Period. They hate us more than the terrorists. When we react like normal people do, ya know, outraged at some racist homophobic comment made by the right, they high five each other. Its like some kind of kindergarten debate where one side throws poo at the other.

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