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January 05, 2013


shoe twit. orthopedists dream.

At CafePress

Oh, it's a joke. Even if it's for real, it's a joke. Sarah really can't help but be a joke.

It's fitting that a snake is wearing snake.

NOTHING is sexy about toes curling out over the end of a shoe. not even if the nails are painted.


it is for real.
check out April, but be sure to have a bucket handy:

Oh sheesh. There's a man who used to come into the library who was dubbed "The Foot Doctor" due to his love of watching women's feet. He was barred for some kind of misbehavior (surely involving his penchant); otherwise, I might pass this information on to him. As for me, I'm glad I finished lunch before I saw this. Yuck.

The only thing worse would be a scratch-and-sniff version.

Or Sarah Palin's dehydrated ankles.

I'm holding out for the Dick Cheney version next year.

This is hilarious. Because everyone knows that the first thing a straight guy looks at is a woman's shoes...

Oh, wait...

Tea Party wankfest begins in 3, 2, 1 . . .

Remember the 13 year olds with gapping maws at Sarah's public appearance in 2008?
Well their minds are still 13, but now their plumbing works!

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