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January 30, 2013


Part of me wants to go reductio ad absurdum on these clowns -- insist on arming little children themselves -- just to see if they're crazy enough to go along with it. And they just might be.

And what's after that? Arming fetuses? Would lend a whole new meaning to the term "shotgun wedding," not to mention giving them "personal responsibility" since the wingers insist they're "persons."

Where do these people come from? /rhetorical

More and more I find myself answering this question by muttering where I want these people TO GO.

Do I really need to point out that a mother who keeps big scary guns in a house with 6 children is probably one of the people least qualified to raise 6 children?

How many times have small children been killed when a gun was left out, or the kid decided to take Mommy/Daddy's gun from the nightstand drawer? Isn't it usually a family member or friend who is killed more often by guns in a house?

Does this .38 make my ass look bigger?

lwonder, I believe many people think that the .38 makes some other body part look bigger.

til said baby kills themself.

I thought Freud was talking out of his ass when he came up with the concept of penis envy, but then I read Gayle Trotter's testimony about wanting a scary "gun". So children have to die because some lady wishes she had a penis? And they call themselves pro-life?

"Y'know, whenever I smell hot rollscordite, I think of my mom."

No no no ... I sense a _big_ Hollywood hit here....

Well, the thing is, when you listen to how cuckoo-craxy these people are, they ARE the perfect argument for gun control.

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