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January 21, 2013


still? of course OZ is much farther. but i figured out how to nix it on way back from denmark. i am a night owl. 1st time i landed mid day. bad. 2nd time, i landed after dark + and no jet lag. heck, i was perky ill i had to sleep near my usual 2 am. not sure if i should do it that way when going east.

Get over your bad self, WT! Happy to see you've returned and apparently unscathed from some horrible weather.

Ah, well, WT, at least you have an excuse.

Some of us didn't because of that persistent talking-the-talk-but-not-walking-the-walk thing that's been going on for four goddamned years.

(And, yes, I'm still pissed that a fucking major-league sleazeball like Billy Tauzin can get a dozen invites to the White House, but Bill McKibben gets arrested for being in front of it.)

Inauguration? I thought it was a propaganda rally for some banana republic.

Kid flashes gang sign like a pro . . .

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