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January 18, 2013


When I go through the customs line in Auckland, NZ, they're more concerned with stuff stuck ONTO my shoes, like deadly non-native hellspawned weed seeds.

good on new zealand. makes flying BAREFOOT look better than ever.

Just back from the holidays with inlaws in New Zealand. (via Sydney & Honolulu) On an earlier rip, my mother in law was dinged $200 for a banana in Wellington. On this trip, I sweated bullets because of the dozen paua shells we were carrying back through Australia & Hawaii as gifts.

Note to Chautauga: There were many signs in NZ warning of 'didymo' on boots. In the US, we call it 'Rock Snot'.


Off topic link to some wondrous photography, our hostess will appreciate the first shot.

Unfortunately, not having to remove shoes might be an indication that the x-ray scanners in use there were even more powerful than those used in the U.S.

Or, it could just mean that the Aussies don't give a shit about shoe bombs and didn't scan that far down, because the terrahrists don't have any beefs with Australia in the first place.

I'm inclined to think it's the latter.

how much money was wasted?

"The terrahrists" come in all flavors, not just the ones who hate Americans. There are terrorists all around the world, fyi. It's just that the US chose to create a whole nuther department of military industrial complexity responsible to combat them.

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