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February 11, 2013


Rumor has it that Benedict XVI's last act will be to bellow "Crusade, bitches!" as he throws his miter from the balcony of St. Peter's.

For once, he has done the right thing---leaving.

I will have a sad, too; soon as the red-hatted minions elect another ultra conservative medieval minded old fart.

Snazzy hat, Bennie.

"Snazzy hat, Bennie."

I think that's a conscious attempt to blur the line between the Pope and Santa Claus. Whether it's to ruin the reputation of Santa or to improve the perception of the Pope, I'm not sure.

lutheran meh.

"No more Nazis in funny hats."

Not to worry, Ratzy & JPII stocked the College of Cardinals with plenty of old guys who think like they do. Jesus doesn't stand a chance.

I hear he's go a sweet gig lined up with the Family Research Council.

He likes foreskin stir-fry.

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