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February 21, 2013


For once, Gohmert says something I can actually agree with. Tyranny was very much on the minds of our Founding Fathers, since they experienced it first hand. That is the primary purpose of the 2nd Amendment, so that we can protect ourselves from Tyranny, both from our own government and from foreign invaders.

If the Second Amendment is there to protect us from the tyranny of our own government, Alan, then why does the Constitution define armed rebellion as treason?

I guess Alan sort of spaced out during the Civil War and Constitution modules in high school history.

As for Rev. Fishbait, he's always pissed about something. He might as well be pissed about Tim Tebow. (It should be noted that First Baptist Dallas is the creature of W.A. Criswell, who turned it into a right-wing, prosperity gospel haven for the rich and self-important in Dallas, and his successor, Robert Jeffress, is fast making it his own cash cow and carnival freakshow.)

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