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February 08, 2013


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"... an anti-Christ? Not "the?" Maybe ol' Rev. Fishbladder thinks they're a new species. (Wouldn't that admit to evolution, though? Mercy.)

WRT Cindy Jacobs, this is the woman who also has said that she was able to pray away terrorist attacks, that angels came to assist her with her travel difficulties when arriving in Venezuela, and that intercessionary prayer led to the arrest of Manuel Noriega.

Gee, you'd think that she'd have no trouble in dispatching a troublesome Kenyan Muslim in the White House....

OMG! She sounds so like a Gilda Radner character I have to remind myself she's not kidding. She really does believe the spaghetti kept reproducing!

Ralph Reed eats boogers.

Guess that makes him a cannibal.

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