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February 25, 2013


I'm still befuddled by the right wing's determination to villify all things Obama, in this case, the Common Core curriculum, even though it's ultimately going to do many of the things the wingnutz dearly want, i.e., the privatization of public education. The Common Core standards will very quickly declare suburban schools as deficient as inner-city schools have been on the basis of standardized testing. This will lead to increased calls for vouchers and for-profit charter schools and the steady erosion of teachers' unions.

Indeed, that is its ultimate purpose. Middle-class suburban schools have been mostly spared from the worst of the condemnations made of American public education, and now, it's their turn, via Common Core.

You'd think the Alabama Republican Women would be jumping up and down with excitement over this, but, you'd be wrong. Obama's doing them a favor, but, they insist on looking that gift horse in the mouth because it comes from their avowed enemy.

The stuff the right wingtards are up to now doesn't merely drive one to drink. It is more 21st century than that....it JET PACKS one to the booze store.

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