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February 11, 2013


Ummmmm...Does Kimberly Daniels understand that the "Yoruba religion" is associated with a completely different part of the African continent from Kenya? Are these idiots really so ignorant of geography as to not realize that AFRICA IS FUCKING HUGE? Please, God, tell these people to shut up, in Jesus' name. Amen.

"Are these idiots really so ignorant...?"

Umm, well, yes. And not just about geography.

Damn, I feel cheated. Had I known us "dark" spiritual sorts were being hired,I'd have put in an application.

But seriously, why isn't rabid stupidity painful to the ones afflicted with it?

Joe Walsh wants his child support obligations TERMINATED because of current unemployment? He makes it sound like he's retiring to Florida. He'd fit right in.

Except I saw him last night on the street corner wearing a skimpy outfit asking huge dudes if they wanted a date. H'e not rally unemployed, just working off the books. His pimp handles all his finances.

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