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February 20, 2013


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I don't know why the right wing finds Djesus Uncrossed so offensive. The portrayal of Jesus seemed to me to be pretty much in line with their infantile ultraviolent theocratic fantasies.

"I don't know why the right wing finds Djesus Uncrossed so offensive."

Probably because SNL thought it up first. Or, because Jesus wasn't killing queers. Or, just because "Battle Hymn of the Republic" wasn't playing in the background. Or, maybe, Jesus killing people is serious business and shouldn't be parodied.

Who knows? But, we do know that nobody got the least bit excited (or annoyed) when Little Boots was prayin' to Jesus for more firepower to kill more brown people.

Wow, that Scooby Do thing was worse than I would have imagined. I'm not surprised kids in their audiences scream as much and as often as they can, as one of the cast boasted during their introduction.

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