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February 04, 2013


After Sarah Palin, it's kinda hard to tell when you're joking, dude.

This from the guy who never met a plane he couldn't crash. Fuck off, Johnny Rotten.

No, Grumpy Old Man, we can't take a joke.

That's why we didn't vote for you or Palin.

Hmm. If I said that ol' John was a pervert in a raincoat for letting his dick pick Palin, I'd just be funnin', right?

Oh goodness. There are tons of jokes to be made about Ahmadinejad already being in outerspace without going the "monkey" route. That McCain's mind went there, says something about McCain. Of course, it was something we already knew ...

Of course you were joking, John-GoodOlBoy." That's the point! You can tell a lot about a man from the kinds of jokes he tells. And you can bet the rest of the world infers a lot about the U.S. when a U.S. senator tells that kind of joke about a foreign head of state.

HA HA. not. his bitter has ruined his sense of humor too.

More proof, as if needed, that Repiglickin's just don't get thatwhole humor thing. Speaking of, is Dennis Miller still living in a cardboard box somewhere?

His family needs to rein him in. This man is an embarrassment to himself and his country. He is slowly eroding his (ill-deserved) hero's reputation, exchanging it for cranky, racist, women-hating he-man wannabe. Time for Cindy and Megghhan to get the old man off the twitter. Moar Pudding!

Maybe it's that he doesn't have Lieberman to joke around with at work anymore?

Bomb,Bomb,Bomb ...etc.,.
oh ha ha ha, so funny.
This man should be in an institution - with long, long sleeves.

Geez - McCain only said what most of us were thinking - we all need to calm down a tad - Walnuts only stated the obvious

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