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February 26, 2013


The reaction of the officers to being on the receiving end of some nice, polite questions is quite something.

This shit is something I've experienced within this country's borders three times now!!! I never left the U.S. borders while driving to/from SoCal from TX. It's pissed me off so bad each time. AND, it seems to be spreading, as there is what appears to be a new checkpoint going in between Beaumont and Houston?!!?!? My former-Marine beau will be traveling back to SoCal with me in my car late next month...I plan on showing him this vid shortly so that we can be prepared to face the bullshit police state crap like this.

They simply have no right and -- it's pretty clear they all know that.

The interesting commonality on the part of the Border Patrol is "I'm asking you to...." This is part of their training, as it is with police, because, in most instances, they still can't do a vehicle or personal search without a warrant or probable cause, and random stops don't count as probable cause. If they say, "I'm asking...," and you comply, legally, you've given voluntary consent.

What the cops and the feds are counting on is the formidable influence of the uniform in making that request, and that the combination of the uniform and the request will, to most people, constitute an order to which they must comply, although legally, it is not an order.

But, make no mistake--all these people are now in a shared database and will be watched, harassed and delayed in the future, just because they pissed off somebody in DHS.

i promise never to pee in a cup.

these people are really brave, 'cause faced with a uniform and a gun on the hip, i don't think i'd have the cojones to put up the fight for my rights. Disgraceful the way these bozo cops harass people. Kudos to the strong ones who know their rights and aren't caving.

Cell phone cameras are making the world a different place.

These guys are citizens worth that honor. Awesome.

This is so scary and weird that there are borders between states now, manned by mall cops. Ugh.

Good show by these people. I'll remember this next time I'm at one of these stupid, Nazi-esque 'papers please' checkpoints.

It was wrong under Der Monkey Bush, and it's wrong under Obama. Fight!

In 2 years these cocksuckers will have drones and they'll just follow you home.

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