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February 05, 2013


The position of this blog is that there is a war on women...

Which might explain why the Repukes are so upset that women can now get combat training...

Maybe they are Barbara Eden? Does that make Rove into Dr. Bellows? I'm so confused!

They are Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard.

"The genie turd is out of in the bottle punchbowl, and GOP politics is permanently more decentralized distant from reality, more democratic openly fascistic. The future of the GOP are the millions of principled-driven loonies activists off their medication who are building a community centered around a set of shared values flinging shit like chimpanzees on brown acid, and taking an axe to their government back at all levels like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining," from the ground up except even more deranged. We are Pod People, repopulating replicating and replacing the GOP, and that process continues unabated."

There, better.

"Maybe they are Barbara Eden?"

Or, maybe, the Borg?

"No, Hannity, you do not get to talk! I, La Coulter, am speaking!"

What a moron.

does colter have body guards?

Has the Boreal Narcissus found work writing for the Tea Potty? Their rhetoric is very similar, all tossed verbal foliage.

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