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February 19, 2013


OTOH, if a fetus is an organ, you have a right to remove or modify it if it is deemed medically necessary or appropriate. I would also challenge how declaring a fetus an organ translates to certain regulations: after all, you can call a dentist saying that your kid's tooth isn't coming out and she could say "wiggle it some more -- and I'm phoning your pharmacy with a prescription that will help" (assuming that there is a drug that can help a tooth come out).

Anyway, if I were in charge of strategy for the pro-choice movement, I would be challenging the regulatory requirements (but very carefully -- the whole point of this move could be to get big medicine allies for some serious and dangerous de-regulation and also to make our side look like we aren't interested in regulation for safety like we claim to be but have other agendas when we do support regulation), but I would publicly going on about how "even conservative Alabama sees fetuses as organs no different from teeth or fingernails or ...".

By now, it is virtually indisputable that there are states in this country that mightily approve of the inmates running the asylum.

As for PBJ, he is apparently still suffering from the delusion that he can be President. And this is a guy that, if there were an Indian version of MAD magazine, could be on the cover.

nationalize education NOW. test on BIOLOGY.

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