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February 10, 2013


slapped on a new poster over the same ole shit sammich.

Even most of my students do not know who Tupac is (or only vaguely do). You should see the blank looks when I mention NWA.

Yeah, but he's on "Social Media"! Of course, so is my 84 year-old mother, but I don't think she knows who Shakur is, so there is that...

Kind of like Bob Dole and his reference to the “Brooklyn Dodgers” !

How hep can you get?

They are truly desperate to foist this chucklehead off on the public as Presidential, because they think they'll get the Latino vote. And when he goes the way of Bachmann, Cain, Santorum and Newticles, they'll start plumping for the CEO of Maniacs `R Us, Ted Cruz, for the same reason.

One can never accuse the GOP of being subtle.

I'm sure Tupac would have been a big Rubio/GOP fan...hookay....

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