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February 02, 2013


Note to Glenn Beck: Glenn, YOU are "the Smear Machine"!
...and that's why you're despised.

same o same o.

I had a few other suggestions for Beck:

He went from being funny in a campy sort of way to being just flat disgusting.

People realized he wasn’t just ignorant, but downright loony.

People caught on to the fact that he’s a scam artist with the gold and stuff.

Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes law kicked in.


And I created a couple of images in response to the Erickson quote:


Hmm. Every time Beck went on air, he ruined his reputation. And accelerated the decline every time he went to the blackboard. And, hey, when you're pimping the likes of David Barton and W. Cleon Skousen to an ignorant public, your reputation deserves to suffer, asshole.

And, yup, Red-Ass, Son of Red-Ass, is going to fit right in at Fox. With another twenty years, 150 pounds and only a little tweaking to his paranoia quotient, he could be Roger Ailes. And he's well on the way now.

What changed ? ....... Oh Glenn you haven't changed ...now more people know that you are an ass-clown. You were always an ass-clown ...now more people know that you are still an ass-clown than those that have not found out that you are an ass-clown. .... If you try real real real hard this simple feat of logical will come to you.

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