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February 02, 2013


skeeters never quit

We had nearly a decade of almost daily manufactured scandals in the `90s, and nearly a decade of almost daily genuine scandals in the Zeroes, and after two decades to compare, it seems that the press prefers the manufactured ones.

Manufactured ones require so much less work--you know, investigative reporting and shit like that. Looks like we're back to the days when, given the choice between, say, reporting on Constitutional crises and the President's opinions on broccoli, the Washington press corps goes straight for the jugular and writes on... skeet?

(Back in the old days, when the only place on campus where one could eat were dining halls, at my alma mater the veal cutlets were universally described as... skeet, and "shooting skeet" meant flinging them across the dining hall for others to bring down with the odd chunk of jello. You can see why I'm understandably confused by this story.)

"Now in a normal world, inhabited by normal, logical humans that possess the ability to reason, this would have ended this non-issue and laid this made-up non-controversy controversy to rest."

Beg to differ. In a rational world, rational people within the Obama administration would have said "Release a photo? Are you fucking crazy? That will reward their insanity and elevate their lunatic claims to the status of something that deserves our attention. Do we answer the UFO nuts every time they say we have an alien corpse hidden in the White House vault? To rebut it in any way will just encourage the whackos and tell them we're dancing to their tune."

Releasing that photo was a big mistake.

I read some of the whining sore-losers claiming that the photo is a fraud because the President isn't carrying a bag of shells for reloading. There is certainly a Marine or two standing nearby with freshly loaded guns to hand to the President when he needs one. Even rock musicians have a roadie standing by with a tuned guitar.

Next they'll be screaming that the picture was faked in the same studio where they filmed the moon landing.
He hasn't shot anyone in the face like teatard hero Dick Cheney, so maybe they need to STFU.

Skeet? He shoots clay pigeons? Why can't he be a real hunter like Dick Cheney and shoot his hunting buddy?

/Emily Miller

But, But, But, aren't skeet an endangered species?

I think it's great that the lamestream media is catching on that everything the Repiglickin's concern themselves with is ridiculous nonsense.

Repiglickin's, the Nonsense Party!

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