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February 04, 2013


This shitstain obviously hasn't studied the masters (like John Weasel McCain, below) or he'd have known to follow that up with the obligatory 'Lighten up, it's just a harmless joke, you humorless PC liberal prigs" post.

"2:09 AM"

Why do I think this was sent from the tail end of a Super Bowl party yesterday?

Has he issued the "If anyone was offended" non-apology yet?

Has he always been so interested in male fellatio?

toxic stupid hate.

Dude is rabidly unapologetic. Check out his twitter feed.

When will Twitter cancel his account? Boycott them if they don't.

Yeah and you still watched it didn't ya? Did you punch your wife for talking during a big play or when she was slow in bringing out another bowl of wings?

Wow. That's just gratuitously obnoxious and vile. What a fucking credit to his race, huh?

Wonkette has something priceless to share on this topic. Mr. kincannon is NSFW

Well, funny thing about that, Todd.

Martin is never going to be an adult, mostly because he accidentally crossed paths with a dickweed like you.

This is a great example of the type of racist hate that the GOP fosters because they incorrectly think it will help win them elections.

Personally, I think this guy is going to need physical protection, from some of the posts I've seen in answer to his comments. He may regret this little attempt at moronic humor for quite a while.

I hope he's not self-employed, because someone is going to fire him for the world of grief this is going to bring down if he isn't.

racists have safety in there #s down south.

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