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February 06, 2013


it must be disappointing for these people if they come to the end of their lives and they haven't managed to kill another person.

Amphitheater? Maybe they can get Ted Nugent to be the artist in residence.

They have their permit to start manufacturing guns. I'm betting the factory is about all that will be built.

Nicely platted... but no patriot cemetery? Can Jeebus rapture folks one-at-a-time?

Snort. Because a fortified medieval town just cries out "Liberty!"

Good. Putting a significant portion of Teabag traitors in one place makes drone targeting that much easier.

Well, they have their gates offset... otherwise, it isn't laid out well enough to be defensible from the ground.

And, from the air? Water and power generators next to each other?!? A large enough bomb will wipe out both, ensuring the destruction of the town by fire. The hospital would perhaps have its own generator... if they HAD a hospital. They don't even have a medivac pad next to a clinic.

A farmer's market... but NO community gardens? No silos for storing grains? No wells? No water storage? They aren't very self-sufficient if they can't grow their own food or draw their own water.

Why don't they simply put out a sign saying "Welcome to Beckivainia!" instead of trying to sell people on self-defense and self-sustainability. It would be more honest. Oh, I forgot. Mormons lie. Especially in the pursuit of money.

Hopefully they will also have a bootstrap factory. Maybe that is for phase 2.

It's "champing" at the bit.

As I've said before, it's going to be interesting as hell for 5,000 heavily armed gun nuts to be trapped with each other inside a walled compound for a long, long Idaho winter.

By January, I'd expect a lot of staring at each other's throats....

It looks highly defensible, until someone invents the aeroplane.

Why don't they simply put out a sign saying "Welcome to Beckivainia!"

Because that would probably prompt a lawsuit. Beck is building his own version of this scam....

As hauksdottir points out, the Citadel won't be anything like self-sufficient.

The map doesn't show even ONE meth lab!

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