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March 03, 2013


She put the "major ass" back in to "major asset to husband Mitt Romney's campaign."

Ann's reappearance on Faux proved just one thing: that I'm still sick and tired of this vapid, entitled, petty little bitch.

The Rmoneys are made for each other. He blames the blahs for costing him the election and Queen Ann blames the broadcasters. It's the fault of everyone but them.

Well, self-entitled monsters of capitalism, if you spend about $1 billion advertising yourselves to the public and still can't get 50.1% of the public to like you, maybe you're just a couple of assholes.

work? shirley you jest.

and don't call me shirley.

Shows you just how deluded the GOP'ers are if they think "her star had risen during the campaign". Most of us recoiled in horror everytime she opened her mouth and her forked tongue flickered.

True, Margie, but compared to the other Repug women out there, the men can be excused if they thought Queen Ann was palatable to the great unwashed.

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