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March 22, 2013


Just so it's at least on your radar, there's a real good chance that the human race will be extinct in 20 - 30 years because we haven't done anything to change the omnicidal way we live, our continued use of fossil fuels which means continued pollution (CO2 and now methane, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases, not to mention all the other crap like plastic, pharmaceuticals, and human biowaste), and population overshoot (we're about 8 billion over the carrying capacity of the earth). Right now the Arctic Methane Emergency Group is trying to figure out a way to avoid the giant methane plumes arising out of the melting Arctic, the permafrost, the boreal forests, peat bogs and the tunda areas, also from the ocean, lakes, streams and rivers - gigatons of this explosive and highly damaging gas will cause unbelievable climate change in the near future.

Isn't "doing nothing but making the problem worse" Rick Perry's best skill?

Isn't "doing nothing but making the problem worse" Rick Perry's only skill?

Here's a test you folks in Texas could try:
Why don't you-all

    VOTE for the other guy next time
, but PRAY that Perry wins?

How 'bout that?

If I owned Hell and Texas, I'd rent Texas and live in Hell.

--Phil Sheridan

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