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March 19, 2013


Rev. Fishflakes is very obviously unclear on the concept. Even John Stuart Mill said that not all conservatives are stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.

Average the IQ of Rev. Fishflakes' regular listeners and it would be a real struggle for that number to reach room temperature.

It'd be better if he was a serial killer, coz then he'd have a chance at the presidency.

Some of the best ideas in history are the conservative ideas. For your consideration I suggest; Slavery. This was how conservatives conserved their money 150 years ago. Ideas. Well, the idea that women should bear children and cook, for example. the conservatives tried for a century, a fucking century, to keep women from voting. Hmmm. That went by the wayside, too. I think it is high time for religion to be placed on the mantlepiece beside slavery and the right to keep women from voting, where it belongs. In the ash-heap of history. And good riddance. Praise Jesus. Hahahahaha.

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