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March 14, 2013


The NOM moron who said that, John Eastman, NOM's chair, specifically singled out John and Jane Roberts for mention. But he was a Clarence Thomas clerk at SCOTUS. And, of course, the reason the Roberts adopted was because Jane was 42 when they married, and they obeyed their Church's dicta and rejected IVF.

The producers of The Bible miniseries claim that God was with them on the set when the wind blew when the actor playing Jeebus spoke of the wind blowing... I am confident that God was not the only one blowing on the set. Anyway, it is being produced (and I shit you not) by Mark Burnett (Survivor).

That's not all, the producers of History's "Vikings" felt the presence of Carl Eller and Fran Tarkenton on the set. They felt their presence whenever at the end of a long and successful day one of the actors would blow their lines in the big scene.

Not that I'm bitter.

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