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March 25, 2013


too many loopholes.

Yes it would but I fear the assholes are like this because they choose to be assholes. You see, I see life as an endless array of choices which occur at every point of time in the present. Each of us, living in the present, choose a specific behavior on an ongoing basis. When these choices are generally empathy and compassion, you build up these skills until they are natural.

Assholes have diligently worked to be assholes for their entire lives. It comes naturally. It is not that they can't change but it is hard work, far easier to remain an asshole.

The challenge for the empathetic is to display this empathy even when confronted by assholes. This may be difficult at first. Assholes may even see this as weakness. It is not. It actually draws on and continues to develop the strengths of the empathetic that make them real human beings. These assholes are usually miserable. While they choose to see others as the source of their misery, in fact, they are the source. They should be pitied and helped to the extent that they will accept it.

Being assholes, do not expect them to show any appreciation.

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