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April 05, 2013


If they believe this guy I agree that they should leave that church immediately. They need to go to a place of worship that attends to the proper level of hate that they require.

Pssst...Mary Landrieu is a spineless bimbo. Pass it on.

Landrieu, like many Dems, would rather pander to the least of her constituents in return for their votes than educate them, just as she's over-eager to protect oil companies in exchange for very, very little.

Lost, of course, in all of that is doing the right thing.

Will Santorum run in 2016? Will it be Brown? Even though Santorum is on everyone's lips lately, Bush is in front. If Santorum squeezes out Brown the run-off will be between Bush and Bachman. If Bachman pushes Santorum out on the other hand she would have to lick Bush with Santorum and Brown in the rear.
It will be a nasty race.

Uzza's comment seems to carry a subliminal message but darned if I can figure it out.

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