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April 23, 2013


Oh, dear lord with linguine and marinara... TBogg had Mr. Savader pegged even last week: http://tbogg.firedoglake.com/2013/04/14/quivering-with-an-ti-ci-pation/

No kidding-- TBogg for the WIN!!!

"The guy who was:

Formerly @RepPaulRyan‘s sole intern on @MittRomney‘s campaign and a @newtgingrich campaign staffer.

..and looks exactly the way you would think a guy who was Rep. Paul Ryan’s sole intern on the Mitt Romney campaign and who also worked for Newt Gingrich’s campaign (because: loyalty) would look, will be launching his blog tomorrow, Tax Day 2013 because of ‘symbolism’ or “taxation is theft!” or probably something Ayn Rand related that doesn’t involve raping Dagny Taggart. Although we wouldn’t be surprised if we were wrong about that.

He's got a long career in Republican politics ahead of him.

He's creepy and stupid.

Savader to Gingrich: "I learned it from watching you!"

It gets worse! lol

Savader "often bragged about about dressing up as 'Ellis the Elephant,' a character in Callista Gingrich's children's books who would appear during book signings with her husband, former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich."

Has anyone told Princess Sparkle Pony?


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